House of Ports has become

This is a site with information regarding the merger of the companies within the House of Ports group; Ports IT, Domaininfo, Dipcon, Qpol and Strop Digital Studio.

The company’s new website has been launched at However, this information site will remain in order to tell the story about the background for this, and the ongoing change in the Ports Group, market leader in protecting digital assets.

We at Ports Group have for a long time seen a higher acceptance and increased demand for fully integrated solutions within our line of business, to secure and monitor digital assets.

As a natural step in this evolution we chose to become a full service provider and run all our operations under one single brand. This enables us as market leader to take the next step in our evolution.

Below you will find an FAQ that will answer the most commonly asked questions regarding this change. If you can’t find the answers to you questions below, or if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us through the contact form below.

What’s going on at House of Ports?

What’s the background for this merger?

How will this affect our clients?

How will this affect our clients?

Will we now start receiving invoices from another company than before?

What’s next for Ports Group?